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Leading Private Investigation Services in South West Florida

Liberty Private Investigation offers a comprehensive list of private investigative services, from cheating spouses to missing persons. You can trust us with confidential matters and expect solutions that work without complications. Our professional team resolves sensitive issues through an analytical review process and fact-finding to ensure solid, legitimate solutions to your problems.

Background Checks

Providing our client’s with the most accurate, current and thorough background data offered today. Whether for pre-employment screening, new tenant screening or online dating you can rely on our team to provide a complete history on the individual.

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Criminal and Civil Investigations

Let us gather all the necessary evidence that can help you with your criminal or civil cases. Our private investigators will look for vital information that can be beneficial for your case whether it’s retrieving evidence or performing background checks on suspects.

Child Custody Investigations

Determine how a child’s parent or legal guardian treats the child under their care with our child custody investigation. We will document acts of neglect or abuse we witness during our surveillance and may also question possible witnesses or family members. To ensure the child’s welfare, we will also look into unhealthy habits, such as alcohol abuse, gambling, criminal offenses, and more. Once the investigation is concluded, we will report to you or the court about our findings. So, let us help you increase your chances of getting full custody of your child with our professional child custody investigation. 

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Cheating Spouse Investigation

If you suspect that your spouse or significant other is cheating on you, we can discreetly help you find the truth you deserve. We understand that being cheated on is one of the most painful situations a person can ever experience. That’s why we always do our best to uncover the truth and give you the peace of mind you are seeking to move forward while maintaining your dignity.

Missing Person Investigations

Let us help you locate missing relatives, old friends, witnesses, deadbeat spouses, and other persons you are looking for. Even though police departments have massive resources, they cannot focus on looking for a specific individual. At Liberty Private Investigations, we can diligently, consistently, and quickly locate the person you are looking for with our resources and sources that might lead us to the whereabouts of your missing child, spouse, or relative.

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Get the Information You Need with Private Investigation Services

Our comprehensive private investigative services can help you get the information and evidence you need to make important decisions in your life. We’re ready to discuss your urgent and important matters to determine the best course of action that would deliver the necessary evidence in a timely and professional manner.

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Elderly Abuse Investigations

Finding the proper care for an elderly loved one can be challenging, especially if you’re unsure of the type of care nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and in-home caregivers provide. We can help you determine if your prospective facility or caregiver has any past abuse cases to ensure the safety of your senior loved ones. From intentional physical abuse to negligence, we’ll make sure to report it to you.

Cohabitation Investigations

Parting with your ex-spouse on bad terms can be stressful, especially if you need to support them after your marriage. However, you can reduce your alimony under Florida law once you prove that your ex-spouse is cohabitating with another person they aren’t related to. We can help you collect the strong evidence you need to confirm your ex-spouse’s cohabitation. 

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Liability and Injury Claim Investigations

Fraudulent claims are the biggest challenges insurance companies face, especially with liability and injury claims. Many people deliberately exaggerate their situation to receive hefty payout or payments, whether it’s damage to themselves or their assets. We can help you investigate liability and injury claims to identify legitimacy or fraud and provide you with a factual report.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Many people have been committing insurance fraud for their own gain. It commonly happens in cases of stolen vehicles, vehicle damages and accidents, health insurance billing, and staged home fires. Our private investigator can help you gather the evidence you will need for the court to prevent losing a big amount of money due to insurance fraud.

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Going the Extra Mile to Give You Truth and Peace of Mind

At Liberty Private Investigations, we aim to help you solve your problems efficiently. We have helped individuals and families in the most difficult situations in their lives and provided solutions for their concerns, so allow us to help you too. Our proven capability to handle complex assignments has made us one of the leading private investigation service providers in Southwest Florida. Get your free consultation today!

Reasonable Pricing

We provide fair and transparent pricing for the quality investigation services you deserve.

Secured Services

We protect our client’s privacy by safeguarding all the information they want to retrieve.

Competent Team

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