Insurance Fraud Investigations Bradenton, Florida

Insurance Fraud Investigations in Bradenton, Florida

Insurance fraud occurs when an individual or company tries to claim the compensation they are not entitled to or when an insurance company knowingly denies the proper compensation for the subject or matter insured. Insurance fraud is a widespread crime that can be committed at different points by the insurance company, policyholder, insurance agents, and third-party claimants. It could be a claim for damages or injuries that are staged or never even occurred. At Liberty Private Investigations, we can help you gather evidence that can help you with your insurance fraud case.

Our Insurance Fraud Investigation Services

There are different types of insurance fraud that must be addressed one way or another. That’s why at Liberty Private Investigations, we offer a wide range of insurance fraud investigations to help people get the compensation they truly deserve. Our insurance fraud investigation covers the following but is not limited to:

Hiring a Private Investigator for Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud cases can be complex for someone without the proper network, resources, and tools. Fortunately, you can rely on our licensed private investigators to help you with your case. Our private investigation team provides special insurance fraud investigations for individuals, private businesses, and insurance companies. We specialize in numerous approaches and techniques necessary for the investigation, such as surveillance, civil and criminal background checks, activity checks, social media checks, skip trace, etc.

Get the Evidence You Need for Insurance Fraud Investigations in Bradenton, Florida

Are you, your company, or someone you know a victim of insurance fraud? Liberty Private Investigations is here to help! We can help you obtain the necessary evidence you can use in court to help your case. With our licensed, experienced, and highly committed private investigations, you can expect the best investigative service in Bradenton and the surrounding areas. Call us today for your free consultation!

Insurance Fraud Investigation Process

First, you will need to complete your free consultation with our private investigator to determine your concerns and goals. Then, our investigator will ask you tailored questions to help with the such, such as “where is the subject located?”, “do you have any specific information about the subject or matter?” or “what specific information do you want to obtain?”. After that, we will develop a tailored plan to begin the investigation involving a combination of techniques. Once we have obtained the evidence, we will provide you with a written report about the entire investigation we’ve just conducted. The evidence we collect can also be used in court.

Frequently Asked Questions About Child Custody Investigations

How do I report insurance fraud?

To start, you should gather all the necessary information about the case, such as the exact name of the individual or the insurance company that committed the insurance fraud and other important documents. You can do this by yourself, or you can rely on a private investigator to do the work. Once you have all the information you need, you can now proceed to your local government, where your documents will be reviewed and processed.

What if I suspect insurance fraud?

We can help you verify if your suspicions are true through an insurance fraud investigation. If you suspect insurance fraud, don’t hesitate to call us for a free consultation.

Who usually commits insurance fraud?

Insurance fraud is a white-collar crime usually performed by organized criminal groups and career criminals in different fields, such as healthcare, finance, and more.

Get the Justice You Deserve with Insurance Fraud Investigations in Bradenton, FL

Whether an insurance company is delaying the release for rightful compensation or an individual is asking you for a false claim, our private investigators at Liberty Private Investigations can help. Regardless of the complexity and scale of your case, we will strive to gather the information that would help you win your case or benefit your current situation. Get a fair solution with insurance fraud investigations in Bradenton, FL!