Elderly Abuse and Neglect Investigations

Elderly Abuse and Neglect Investigations

Elder abuse and neglect is very common in the United States, especially in nursing homes and other senior care facilities. We all want our senior loved ones to be comfortable and well-taken care of, but it’s normal to worry about the quality of care other people provide for them. At Liberty Private Investigations, we can help you investigate a senior care facility or a senior caregiver to determine if they have a history of abuse, negligence, or malice. Hence, keeping your elder loved one safe from devastating crimes.

Hiring a Private Investigator for Elderly Abuse

Elderly abuse and neglect are more common than most people might think. Unfortunately, even doctors and law enforcements lack knowledge of many issues that affect seniors in elder care facilities and other caregiving setups. Moreover, there are no set forensic guidelines for investigating elderly abuse, making private investigations an essential part of ensuring the safety of your senior loved one, regardless if they’re living in a senior care facility or with an in-home caregiver.

Our private investigators can perform surveillance or interview victims to know if a caregiver is being abusive. They are trained, licensed, and qualified to carry out elder abuse investigations and obtain solid evidence through audio and video recordings. The gathered evidence is also admissible in court, allowing you to file a case of abuse in case the allegations were true. We can help you get the information you need to verify if your senior loved one is being abused or neglected by their current care provider.

Protect Your Senior Loved Ones with Elderly Abuse Investigations

Even though most caregiving facilities work hard to care for your senior loved one, certain people might take advantage of your aging parent’s situation. At Liberty Private Investigations, we make sure your senior loved one is safe and treated well by your chosen care provider. If you suspect your elderly loved one is being abused, get your free consultation and let us talk about it.

Different Types of Elderly Abuse and Neglect

If your senior loved one is currently under the care of a third party, such as an in-home caregiver, nursing home, or assisted living facility, you should recognize different signs of elder abuse and neglect. Here are some types and examples of elder abuse and neglect:

Physical Abuse

Physical elder abuse is the intentional use of force against a senior person resulting in pain, injury, and/or impairment. It includes hitting, kicking, and shoving; as well as usage of inappropriate drugs, confinement, and/or restraints.

Emotional Abuse

- Humiliation
- Intimidation by yelling or threats
- Ignoring the senior person
- Isolating the elderly person from activities or friends
- Habitually blaming the senior person

Financial Exploitation

Financial exploitation pertains to the usage of the elderly’s money or property without authorization, either by their own caregiver or a scam artist.
An abusive caregiver might do the following:
- Unauthorized use of an elder’s credit cards, personal checks, or any financial accounts
- Forge the elder’s signature
- Steal cash, household goods, and other valuable stuff
- Engage in identity theft

Frequently Asked Questions About Elderly Abuse Investigations

What do I do if I suspect senior abuse, exploitation, or neglect?

If an elderly is in immediate danger, you should call 911 or your local law enforcement agency. If not, you can contact the local Adult Protective Services Agency. If you need help verifying your suspicions, you can also seek help from our private investigators.

How long does an elder abuse investigation take?

It depends on the complexity of the situation and the mental state of the elderly person. It could take days, weeks, or months.

What kinds of questions will be asked to my senior loved one?

In most situations, the questions will cover four topics: physical, emotional, financial, and sexual. Questions like “has anyone used your money or credit card without permission?” “has anyone touched you without permission?” “has anyone physically hurt you?” is essential to the investigation’s progress, so it might take a while if a senior loved one cannot properly communicate with our private investigator.

Keep Your Elderly Loved Ones Safe with Elderly Abuse Investigations

At Liberty Private Investigations, we work hard to ensure the safety of the seniors in our community. So if you suspect abuse, neglect, or exploitation of the elderly, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a free consultation. This way, you can talk to our private investigators about the investigation plan that can confirm if an elderly person is in danger or not.