Criminal and Civil Investigations

Trusted Criminal and Civil Investigations

Liberty Private Investigations are knowledgeable and experienced in criminal and civil investigations. With our private investigator’s background in law enforcement investigation, civil and criminal trials are not new to us. But, first, let us help you understand the difference between criminal and civil investigations.

A civil investigation finds and gathers evidence necessary for a civil trial. A civil trial is a court case that involves two or more individuals disagreeing on a specific issue related to their rights as citizens of this country. On the other hand, a criminal investigation is necessary if there was an act of law violation, especially if injuries or damages were inflicted upon the other party. So, if you find yourself tangled in a civil or criminal case, it’s best to have a private investigator set the facts straight to prevent wrongful accusations and massive liabilities.

What Happens in Civil and Criminal Investigations?

A civil or criminal investigation always begins with analysis. First, you will meet with one of our private investigators to discuss the goals, budget, and concerns of the investigation. Then, our private investigator will start their investigation using a variety of techniques and approaches to gather the necessary evidence. After the investigation process, we will discuss everything we have gathered for you and prepare a report you can use for your case.

Types of Criminal and Civil Investigations

There are numerous criminal and civil investigations, some of which you have probably already encountered. At Liberty Private Investigations, we will help you gather the evidence you need for your civil or criminal case. Here are some of the common types of civil and criminal investigations we work with:

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Civil Investigations

Damage to Property
Suspicious Death
Theft and Embezzlement
Missing Persons
Witness Location and Interviews
Police Reports Reviews

professional crime scene private investigations

Criminal Investigations

Crime Scene Investigations
Sexual Crime Investigations
Theft Investigations
Fraud Investigations
Kidnapping Investigations
Assault Investigations
Homicide Investigations
Criminal Defense Investigations

Need Help with Criminal and Civil Investigations? We got your back.

Getting involved in a court case can be stressful. However, you need to have unbiased proof that can make or break your case. At Liberty Private Investigations, we can acquire the evidence you need using a professional and legal way to help with your civil or criminal case. Schedule your free consultation with our private investigator today!

Why Hire a Licensed Private Investigator for Criminal and Civil Investigations

A licensed private investigator can provide extensive and detailed information during criminal and civil investigations. Our private investigators know and understand what an attorney requires and what pieces of evidence will be admissible in court. With the training, knowledge, experience, and resources we have, we can properly gather the necessary information that can be beneficial for your case. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal and Civil Investigations

Do you handle all kinds of civil and criminal investigations?

Yes. If you cannot find what you are looking for from the list above, you may contact us directly, and we will get back to you promptly.

How long does a civil or criminal investigation take?

It highly depends on the complexity of the case. Some may even take months or years, while others only take days.

Can you help me if I’ve been falsely accused of crimes I didn’t commit?

We will work together along with your lawyer to acquire the evidence needed to prove your innocence. Unfortunately, false accusations happen from time to time, and the only thing that can turn the tables around is a solid defense strategy and evidence that you didn’t commit anything illegal. In this situation, we’ll help you obtain the proper evidence to help with your case.

Professional Criminal and Civil Investigations

You can rely on our licensed private investigators to take on any criminal or civil investigations with ease. We have the proper tools, resources, and experience to help you obtain the evidence necessary to help with your case. Get your free consultation now, and let’s talk about your criminal or civil case today!