Child Custody Investigations

Professional Child Custody Investigations

Child custody investigations focus on observing a child’s well-being while in the custody of a legal guardian or a parent. In most cases, this kind of investigation is part of a separation, divorce, or custody case. At Liberty Private Investigations, we aim to examine the child’s treatment by the guardian in question, gather evidence, and present our findings to our clients. We genuinely understand the delicate nature of child custody investigations. Hence, we have specially trained private investigators to handle these matters. We work on these cases with the utmost discretion and do everything we can to get you the answers you need.

How Can a Private Investigation Help with Child Custody Cases

During child custody investigations, our private investigators will perform background checks, conduct surveillance, and interview witnesses to ensure legitimate and relevant evidence. We will document any acts of abuse or neglect and other relevant circumstances that may affect the child’s overall well-being, such as drug and alcohol abuse, gambling, and reckless driving. We will develop a tailored approach depending on your situation. Allowing us to gather the necessary evidence can significantly help with your child custody case. Moreover, we also conduct all child custody investigations without the child’s knowledge to prevent mental and emotional stress.

Collected Information in Child Custody Investigations

We will gather evidence and provide detailed information about the investigation. Here are some of the information we would look out for during our child custody investigation.

Need Help with Child Custody Investigations? We’re Here for You.

We understand that fighting for your child’s custody can be stressful and overwhelming. At Liberty Private Investigations, we can help you gather the necessary evidence you can use in court. If you think that your ex-spouse is unfit to provide proper care for your child, our private investigators can legally look into the current treatment and lifestyle your child receives under their custody. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further assistance with child custody investigations, and we’ll get back to you promptly.

When Do You Need Child Custody Investigations

A child custody investigation ensures that the child or children involved are well-taken care of by both parents in case of a separation or divorce. However, child custody investigations aren’t always necessary unless:

You are concerned about your child’s safety.

If you believe that your ex-spouse is unfit to care for your child for any specific reason, our private investigator can confirm your allegations and provide objective, legal evidence to the court.

You want peace of mind.

If you think your ex-spouse cannot provide the necessary care for your child, we can legally perform background checks and surveillance to determine their ability to meet your child’s needs.

You have been falsely accused of neglect or abuse.

In some cases, one party might use false claims to limit your time with your child or permanently stop you from seeing your child. With this situation, we can gather evidence to help you prove that the allegations from your ex-spouse were untrue.

Gain the Edge You Need with our Child Custody Investigations

Liberty Private Investigations have worked on numerous child custody investigations. We are equipped with the proper skills and network to gather the information that would be beneficial for your case. Allow us to help you with your child custody case with our unmatched private investigative skills. Reach out to us today for your free consultation!