Conducting Spouse Affair Investigations

Infidelity is one of the hardest challenges in any relationship, but that doesn’t mean you have to tolerate the wrongdoings. While this can be an extremely stressful time for you, knowing the truth is always better than not doing anything at all.  Do you think your partner is being unfaithful? Unfortunately, you might be right. There are subtle signs that you can look for to know if your partner is cheating, and conducting spouse affair investigations is the only way to find out the truth. A successful investigation takes time, so it’s better to be patient throughout the process. More importantly, the process can take an extremely emotional toll, so make sure you’re ready for whatever the outcome may be. In this article, we’ll teach you how to confirm if your partner is having an affair. If you want to know the truth, make sure you read everything.   

Common Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating

According to a 2012 infographic report, there are six subtle signs that you should look out for in your partner to know if they are having an affair. 
  1. They are showing sudden changes in intimacy. A noticeable difference in their levels of intimacy, either an increase or decrease in affection and changes in sexual preferences, are sure, indicative signs of infidelity.
  2. They are becoming more secretive about their phone usage. A spouse or partner that hides their phone habits, like call logs or text messages, is more likely to have an affair.
  3. They use the internet suspiciously. Just like their changing phone habits, cheating partners can be overly cautious and secretive about their browsing history.
  4. They start to have an unusual working routine. A husband or wife who seems to frequently arrive home late after “attending conferences” is more likely hiding the fact that they are being unfaithful to their partner.
  5. Their appearance unusually changes. Cheaters often make sudden changes in their personal hygiene and the way they dress up.
  6. Changes in grooming habits. In connection with the changes in their personal hygiene,  a partner who takes a shower as soon as they get home, and switches to a new cologne or perfume can be masking an affair.

Why Hire a Private Investigator

If you’re having doubts about your partner, a private investigator can help you gather the necessary evidence that will prove whether or not your spouse is having an affair. These detectives can also assist clients with gathering evidence in case child custody is brought up in court proceedings. Private investigators are professionals, so you’re guaranteed the highest level of care in handling cases. They can travel to different places and perform their job efficiently with the right tools needed to conduct an investigation on a person. Here are some known benefits of hiring a professional private investigator.  

1. They follow legal protocols.

Every person is entitled to their constitutional right to privacy. If you’re investigating your partner out in the open, you can be legally accountable for invading their privacy. Private investigators know and follow the legal protocols to make sure their clients have a strong case in court.  

2. They work anonymously.

Professional private investigators specialize in maintaining their anonymity, and they take their work seriously. Their ability to work discreetly allows them to be near the suspects and take the necessary evidence, like taking clear pictures or recording their conversations.  

3. They solve the case quickly and efficiently.

A private investigator helps solve cases as effortlessly and as efficiently as possible while maintaining their anonymity. Unless you choose to do it yourself, your spouse might get a hint and change their habits, making it harder to solve the case.  

What Happens during an Infidelity Investigation?

Before you hire a professional private investigator, it’s important that you understand the process that would take place. The investigation will be a very emotional process, and you need to steel yourself mentally and emotionally. Here are the things that happen during an infidelity investigation:
  1. A professional investigator will require basic information about the suspect. This includes any significant contact information about the suspect and individuals related to him/her.
  2. A private investigator’s job involves conducting surveillance. This means that they will need to set up hidden cameras to take photos and videos or recordings to gather evidence.
  3. Infidelity investigators will compile all evidence into a report, which will be subject for your review. Depending on the evidence they found, you will decide what action to take next—whether it’s confronting the person your partner cheated with, or filing for a divorce with your partner.

The Takeaway

When a partner cheats, it’s not just the relationship between the couple that suffers. Unfortunately, it also affects their family and children, if they have any, and confrontation can lead to further problems. If you want to prove your partner’s unfaithfulness, spouse affair investigations can be the smartest and most effective way to deal with the situation. Need a professional private investigator? Contact us so we can get started on your case.