Background Check

Professional Background Check

A background check is a helpful method that uncovers vital personal information of a specific person, whether it’s your potential employee, your neighbor, or a stranger you met on an online dating site. This type of investigation safeguards you or your business with reliable information about a person’s history.

Our private investigators utilize a comprehensive and professional approach to deliver legitimate and confidential investigations and reports. With our network, resources, and dedication, we ensure proper, dependable, and reliable private investigative service with appropriate licenses, insurance, and other credentials to access these systems legally.

What’s Provided in a Background Check

A complete background check will provide you with numerous information about a certain person personally and professionally. At Liberty Private Investigations, we use many platforms to access confidential information through a legal process. Our background checks are performed to discover information that is not available in public, which may include the following:

When to Get a Professional Background Check

Whether you’re finding the best person for a position or hiring a full-time nanny for your child, background checks can give you peace of mind knowing their complete history before hiring them. While you may think that it’s an unnecessary expense, you don’t want to take chances, especially if it can cost you significant money for future liabilities or crimes. Moreover, you can also perform a background check on yourself to ensure that no one is using your identity in a bad light. With the widespread cases of identity theft, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Obtain a Person’s True Profile with Background Checks

At Liberty Private Investigations, we provide tailored background checks through online databases and courthouse research to learn more about the subject’s character, reputation, civil and criminal history, employment status, and more. Allow us to help you get the necessary information you need easily, quickly, and professionally.

Background Checking Services We Offer

We can perform a wide range of background checks for different purposes, including those listed below. If you are looking for something not mentioned below, kindly get in touch with us for further assistance.

Social Media & Internet Check

Social media background checks are becoming more necessary for many employers to see if a candidate is the best fit for the position.

Professional License and Certificate Confirmation

Many industries require professional licensing for a work to be legal. We check the legitimacy or the absence of licenses and certifications of a business or person.

Social Security Number Verification

We verify the social security number provided by a potential employee or individual.

Driving Records

- Driving Under the Influence (DUI) cases in public records
- Traffic accidents
- Current driver’s license status
- Other traffic law violations and convictions

Criminal History Check

- Federal and state criminal records
- County criminal and civil courts
- Sex offender registries
- Domestic and global terrorist watchlists

Frequently Asked Questions About Background Checks

Are background checks legal?

There are certain local and national laws about individuals’ privacy. Some states may limit the information you can gather about a particular person. That’s why hiring a professional private investigator familiar with regulatory compliance is imperative to avoid committing unlawful background checks.

Will my information be protected?

At Liberty Private Investigations, we promise to safeguard any information related to you. We will never sell or use your information for different purposes.

How long is the turnaround time for a background check?

It depends on the complexity of the background check. In some cases, we can provide you with the information you need within 2-3 business days.

Protect Yourself from Fake Identities and Identity Theft with the Best Background Check available.

Don’t wait until you become a victim of something that could be avoided. At Liberty Private Investigations, our professional team is committed to providing fast and reliable background checks to give you the security you need from fraudulent acts and crimes related to identity theft. Get your free consultation today for more information about our background check services!