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Dean A. Henson’s Story

Dean A. Henson, the owner of Liberty Private Investigations, is a seasoned professional with solid investigation skills.

Dean A. Henson started his career in investigations as a Law Enforcement Investigator. The years of service Dean dedicated to his community gave him a wealth of experience in this field. The years of Law Enforcement Investigations included undercover narcotics, surveillance, overseeing strategic planning of undercover operations, security, counter-surveillance, covert video recording, interviews, interrogations, and criminal investigations.

Dean’s passion for investigating and retirement from law enforcement led him to pursue his dream of owning his own investigations agency. In 2014 Dean made his dream a reality, and Liberty Private Investigations was established. Since opening in 2014, Dean has been successful in helping many people; providing investigations for narcotics, infidelity, child custody, fraud, cohabitation, missing persons, backgrounds, asset locates, elderly abuse, and bug detection (audio & video sweep detection). Dean treats every case with the complete confidentiality, respect, and determination his clients expect, and the results speak for themselves. You deserve the best, and Dean A. Henson is exactly that!

Why Choose Liberty Private Investigations?

We are dedicated to supporting you find the information or evidence you need using our integrated skill set in private investigation. Our specialized services ensure quality investigative solutions to help you with your case.

Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation with no obligation with our private investigator.

Comprehensive Services

We offer a variety of investigative services, from child custody to criminal and civil investigations.

Guaranteed Confidentiality

We protect our client’s information with utmost confidentiality while performing the highest ethical standards in the field.

Accurate Information

We make sure to seek and uncover the truth to access valid, accurate, and useful information for our clients.

Uncover the Truth with Our Licensed Private Investigator in Bradenton, FL

Our private investigation company is composed of skilled and accomplished professionals committed to helping people find the information they need and uncover the truth they seek. In every investigation, we make sure to create a specialized plan that will guide us in extracting the evidence or information our client needs in a professional and timely manner. Get your free consultation today, and let us know how we can help you.

Our Private Investigation Services

At Liberty Private Investigations, we can help you tackle different cases, situations, and issues. Our knowledge and experience have made it possible for us to extend our services to the highest degree, giving you more chances of solving your case efficiently and professionally.

What Our Clients Say

Our strong commitment to helping our clients with their specific needs has led to many solved cases and satisfied clients. Here are some of what our past clients have to say.

Liberty Private Investigations at its best! Dean is very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him as he does an amazing work!

- Cheri H.

Dean is an incredible private investigator. He’s very reliable and trustworthy, and he really knows what he’s doing. 10/10!

- Mary K.

I highly recommend Liberty Private Investigations. He provided me with the information I needed on time. It’s amazing, really. Thanks, Dean!

- Mike P.

I needed help with a civil investigation. Thankfully, I found Dean who was very professional and helpful. Thanks for your help!

– Jane S.

I had a feeling that my husband was cheating on me so I contacted Dean for help. Turns out, I was right. I really commend Dean for being so discreet and professional. I highly recommend him!

– Nicole A.

I worked with Dean for a case I had with insurance fraud. All I can say is he’s very good at what he does. He’s the best man for the job!

– Rick S.